metallic minerals investment

Looking for new Investors in our Metallic minerals and Mining projects in Zambia

We are Metallic Mining & Investment groups of companies in Hong Kong, Zambia, United Kingdom, Mozambique and Tanzania. We are looking for new investors to join us with our SME or large mineral & resources projects with our own Land with all valid permits, registration and exploration licences.
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Copperbelt Zambia

Zambia Mining Projects

Over 20 years of experience in a group offering attractive mining projects in various rich minerals in Zambia. As Zambia is renowned as a major copper producer in the mineral industry, We have various projects available that attract potential investors worldwide.

Who owns copper mines in Zambia?

There are several big and small copper mine owners in the region but unfortunately, Most of them have no proper ownership legal evidence. On the other hand, Our company ” One Belt Mining Limited” owns several mines including copper, Cobalt, Gold, emerald and several other precious minerals with all licences and ownership with exploration papers.


The primary law governing the mining sector in Zambia is the Mines and Minerals Development Act, No. 11 of 2015 of the Laws of Zambia (MMDA) as read together with the Mines and Minerals Development (Amendment) Act, No. 14 of 2016 and the Mines and Minerals Development (Amendment) Act, No. 29 of 2022 and favourable investment environment has created a high level of interest both in existing mining operations and in the exploration potential. Currently approximately 50% of the country is covered by existing Prospecting Licences and by applications for licences. Exploration in many cases is focused on areas where minor past production or prospects indicate some potential, but a significant level of activity is also being devoted to our 7 major districts in Zambia.

Current Projects

One Belt Mining Limited sought a small scale exploration licence related to the following minerals:

Manganese, Lead, Copper, Iron ore, Cobalt and Limestone (General)

Grants and Conditions.

Our Grant approval for the Small Scale Exploration Licence terms the conditions as:

  1. Paid all taxes under the income Tax act, Cap 323
  2. Promote local business development and execute the environmental management plan and operations to execute the environmental Projects brief (EBP).
  3. Employed and trained local Zambians and executed the programme of exploration.



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Zambia Copper Mining Reserves.

Current Copper Resources and Reserves: The total global copper reserves have increased from 870 million metric tons in 2022 to 880 million metric tons as of 2023. Meanwhile, the total global copper resources increased by 5000 million tons. 

What is in the News: If you are interested in the latest news on copper mining, you can check out Mining Journal and  For instance, Mining Journal reports that rising costs and declining production.

According to USGS data, since 1950 there has always been, on average, 40 years of copper reserves and over 200 years of resources left.

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