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Operational sites

Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania mines and locations some are operational and under survey.

Our Mine locations

Mozambique Copper

Chisamba Gold Mine.

Chisamba has a number of mineral deposits specifically in Mwantaya ward. Explorations are encouraged to assess the mineral grade and value. Currently, the known mineral deposits in the district include; Gold, Copper, Iron Ore and Silver. Despite this sector not being significantly explored it offers huge investment opportunities which once exploited could be a game changer for our new investors.

Raw copper

Lufwanyama copper and emerald mine

Lufwanyama-based Kagem Mining continued to put Zambia’s gemstones at the forefront of world demand this week as it unveiled a giant 37kg cluster of emeraldsGeologists at Kagem have “freed the emerald crystals from their host rock.” The result is a large mass, filled with numerous individual and intertwined emerald crystals, displaying their perfect hexagonal structure.

zambia mine

Mkushi Mine

Mkushi district, like much of Central province, is mineral rich and manganese, gem, and gem deposits have attracted new mining development in the area, including the Fishtie copper project at Kashime. Mkushi is known for its large commercial agricultural operations and boast a substantial population of expatriate farmers, the majority of whom are white Zambians. The prestigious Chengelo school is located in Mkushi.

Production Set up

Full-fledged & Documented sites.

The 100% owned 4 biggest mining project surrounds the licence held by One Belt Mining Limited, which houses a high-grade copper deposit. Our mining operation is hosted along the northern trend of two NE-SW shear zone features 2-3km apart.

Castillo Copper has conducted an extensive portable XRF soil sampling survey and identified eight prospective follow-up targets associated with the shear zone features. The north shear zone – currently being mined – was drill tested extensively for copper mineralisation.The south shear zone – comprising similar geological structures – intersects the Mkushi project delivering a ~4km strike priority target to test drill for copper mineralisation.

Mining picture


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