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Climate change has become a major non-traditional security challenge facing the sustainable development of mankind. How to effectively deal with climate change has become an urgent global task. On the one hand, the mining industry is one of the sources of GHG emissions, and on the other hand, mineral products are among the most important raw materials for global climate transition. With the mission of Providing Materials that Improve Standards of Living in a Low Carbon Future One Belt Mining will strive to reduce the carbon footprint of its products and consciously fulfil the responsibility of a corporate citizen of the earth, to contribute to the global lowcarbon transition.

Our Impact on Mining Environment

Land mining can have a severe impact on the environment, and some popular methods like open pit and underground mining present some of the most significant environmental risks. Here are three ways to make land mining more sustainable and reduce its environmental impact:

Lower-Impact Mining Technique

One Belt Mining Limited Propose Mining techniques that can reduce the environmental impact by using new, alternative low-impact mining techniques like in-situ leaching. With many of these techniques, We can significantly reduce surface disturbance at mining sites, lower soil erosion, and move less material that would need backfilled.

Re-Using Mining Waste

Mining naturally produces significant amounts of waste such as tailings, rocks, and wastewater. We use waste rocks in simple on-site construction like backfilling voids and reconstructing mined terrain in a way that prevents soil erosion. When adequately treated, mine water can be reused in just about any fashion. For agriculture, As coolant, in on-site dust suppression, and for drinking water. Even tailings, often toxic and left behind in mine sites or stored in large-scale tailings dams, can find eco-friendly use

Eco-Friendly Mining Equipments

One belt Mining Ltd always has an upgrade mining equipment which help us reducing the environmental impact by using eco-friendly equipment like electric vehicles powered by renewable energy sources. This equipment is more energy-efficient than traditional diesel-powered equipment and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

By implementing these measures, We can reduce the environmental impact and make our practices more sustainable.

Green Mining

Green Mining: Can it really be possible ?

Environment impact has been a key issue in Mining Industry.

The One Belt Mining sites presents a plan for improving efficiency and decreasing the environmental impact of mining is broken up into the following categories:

  • Shutting down illegal and unregulated mines
  • Choosing environmentally friendly general mining processes. 
  • Implementing recently discovered green mining technologies. These include mining from tailings, dust suppression techniques, liquid membrane emulsion technology, sulphuric acid leaching extraction process, impermeable tailings storage, and improved energy efficiency by using better ventilation systems and diesel engines
  • Cleaning up the sites of shut-down mines using R2 technology to recover metals while improving the condition of the land
  • Reevaluating cut-off grades to reduce waste and increase efficiency
  • Research and development of green mining technology in the areas of processing, clean water, and energy efficiency.One belt Mining 

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