Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Mining company located in UK,Zambia,Mozambique and Hong Kong and our Mining locations are Zambia and Mozambique. 

We have offices in 4 countries.However, we also welcome to meet in USA, Europe, Singapore, UAE and Qatar based on approved appointment. 

We are a group of companies and our all existing investors and partners have their set of current projects going on for mining and exploration. 

Our minimum or maximum depends upon the area, Equipment requires, location and the product base. Most probable minimum investment can be in tune of USD 2 million up to Maximum USD 40 millions.

Certainly, Mining of various minerals have been in a huge demand all over the world and such an opportunity is not waited nor any loss of investment as per our past track records and relationship with highly and recommended refineries overseas and we have full set of back up from our Governments , Banks and Financial industries. 

Major products such as Gold,Diamond, Copper, Iron, has always a high demand in any market,However, there are a lot of other precious metals we can recommend as long as we have exploration and survey result is on hand. 

We have our own wholly owned lands in thousands of Hector in Zambia and Mozambique with all ownership documents and Government permission.

No, There is no experience required for ongoing projects in our mining industry or even a new projects as we have experts,Engineers and surveyors to ease the process. 

We whole heartedly welcome to meet in any country listed in our FAQs where we can meet and sign agreements face to face if or any legal binding and supporting documents required would be provided for verification. 

Third party is not necessary as long as you require third party services for your security purpose and we welcome to engage such entity or facilitator on your behalf. 

We are a group of companies having our branch offices outside the Mining districts and it is also a part of our business to have a strong marketing network overseas to establish and open new doors for the investments and facilitate the overseas investors. 

Of course ! We have a lot legal papers, permits, registration and ownership documents and can provide in person once we agreed on all verbal terms. 

Yes, For any business set up or any investment one company must need a strong marketing department to market their products so we do have our own marketing agency registered.