Our Businesses

Apart from Mining & Investments, we are a registered Social and digital media Marketing agency operating from Hong Kong while Our UK office is engaged with recruitment agencies throughout  Europe and North America.

Our Skills and Achievements

We set up a great network throughout Europe, North America, South East Asia and Africa region and for the past 20 years, We have grown to various other businesses and projects. 

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Mining & Investments
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Product Sourcing

We have responsibly led a team of  35 people in Product sourcing and hunting acting as a buying office  for our overseas customers.


Recruitment & Digital Media Marketing.

Our recruitment agency specifically started up in year 2019 for the Europe and North America the jobs comprises of B2B,B2C, Digital media, SEO (Search engine Optimization) product sourcing etc.


Minerals Mining & Investments.

A Joint-venture establishment among UK,Zambia,Mozambique, Tanzania and Hong Kong has been amazingly growing up in exploration of various Minerals and Precious Metals and Stones. 

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