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Zambia precious minerals

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Our mining locations in Zambia have five major sites available for exploration while in Mozambique we have owned a huge land with all necessary survey reports and licences. All you need is to start exploration.

Company Timeline

Exploration stage & Mineral resources potential.

Exploration Stage: An Advanced Exploration ( Geophysics, trenching , Sampling, Pitting mapping carried out)

Mineral Resource potential :
Manganese mineralisation with samples ranging between 38% to 42% manganese. The measured iron content from a series of XRF tests ranged between 8% Fe and a max of 22%Fe. The silica content ranged between 6% and 12%.

The nature of the manganese ore deposit can be described as a high tonnage, medium grade, extracting an excess of 150t per day is practical on our daily analysis reports.

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Privacy & Security

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Production, Development and Exploration

Exploring Zambia & Mozambique's most prolific base and precious metals districts

4 districts in Zambia has been established with wholly owned land with all Zambia Government licences and permits ready for exploration.